We offer Piano Lessons in Classical, Jazz and Pop


  • Classical music is art music rooted in the traditions of Western music. With its broad spectrum from early music period (Renaissance and Baroque era) to Classical, Romantic and 20th century, no matter what a person enjoys, there is something for everybody. Playing classical music while studying has also been shown to improve focus and clarity.


  •  At Rover Music School Ltd. we put high emphases on Jazz theory and improvisation along with learning different styles of Jazz through our Jazz Piano lessons. We do offer lessons from standards Jazz to more modern style of Jazz.


  • If being able to read chords and play along with your favourite songs is something you’d always wanted to learn, join our pop piano lesson. We’ll select current songs on the radio together, and guide you through reading chords and play melodies along.

For more information please call 604.553.2876 or email admin@rovermusicschool.com

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